What We Offer

Unlike some video production agencies, we offer the complete package in film and video, right from wedding videos to corporate and promotional videos.


All your family events, beautifully shot by our experienced video production crew.

Leave it to us to film your wedding or christening and make a copy available to all of your guests or via an email link.


We can film conferences, educational events, workshops and lectures.

Have a chat with our production team about the style and type of film that your event requires.


Filming live events can sometimes be tricky – for a less experienced crew than ours. But we have years of practice of live events and occasions and know how to get the most out of your live video.


We regularly produce videos for professional orchestras of all types and our sound engineer can ensure the best quality recording currently possible.


Whether it is a school sports day or a professional league sports team, we can cover all sporting events with expertise and professionalism.


Whatever your project, whether it is the shortest promotional video or a short film, our creative director can help initiate it from its inception to completion.

If this means coming up with the concept from nothing, our capable team can do this standing on their heads.

We pride ourselves with coming up with outstanding ideas and delivering end results that will wow your audience.


On board, we have world class script writers who can turn their hands to everything from a fifteen second commercial for dog food to an experimental animation.

There is nothing that we can’t script and get to perfection, within the tightest deadline!


You can relax and leave all the casting to us. We have a pool of actors on call who are always ready for a challenge and foreign language content is not a problem.

We also supply voice over artists and can subtitle your film.


We have three highly talented directors on our crew and all of them have over five years experience. Between them, they have directed over 5000 videos and short films!


All our videos are edited in house and we have a production crew of five full timers and three editors working for us.


With two expert animators on our team, you can be assured that your film will get the best 2D or 3D animation in town!


Whether it is a pop video or a promotional for your business, we can edit and create a truly outstanding short film for your needs.