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Conflicts with humans happens many times with some of our furry and feathered friends. Squirrels, Raccoons, and Bats can be right at the top of the list. There are easy, humane ways to handle these situations, that does not hurt the animals, and makes life a lot more peaceful for the humans.

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Squirrels love to dig up the yard. They scratch around searching for flower bulbs or seeds. They also make their little stash holes, so they can come back later and take care of their findings. They can also rob bird feeders, chew on wooden decks, chew on fencing, electrical wiring, and even exterior siding. They do this to wear down their incisor teeth, which are always growing. All this gnawing close to your home can cause you to end up with structural damage, have unwanted guests in the attic, and suffer from damaged electrical wiring.

There are things you can do to thwart their efforts. Prevent them from climbing trees or utility poles, by using a 2-feet wide collar of a smooth metal, rising around 6 feet above the ground. They cannot climb that smooth surface. Use a wire mesh to cover any open holes close to your home. There are also some commercial spray-on products designed specifically to keep them from digging up your lawn. One home-made remedy is to take a teaspoon of Lysol, or take 3 ounces of Epsom salts, and mix it with a gallon of water. There are a lot of other ways of dealing with these cute little critters, without having to resort to harming them.

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Raccoons are definitely a challenge. They are talented, to say the least, at breaking and entering. They adapt superbly to human environments. They love hanging around trash cans and bird feeders, or anywhere you might be feeding a dog or cat. If you have nut trees and fruit trees on your property, this will draw them in as well. If they find any of these things they will take up residence very close to your home.

The best and most humane way of dealing with these cute little animals, is to use live traps. Once you catch them then they can be taken far away and released into the woods where they cannot be pestering people. You can find professional grade live capture traps being used by removal services. A professional service will also search for dens or holes where the raccoons may have took up residence. They will move into your attic, a fireplace, air ducts, garages, and anywhere else that is comfortable enough. A professional removal service uses what they call ‘eviction fluid’, which they put into the area where the raccoons have taken up residence. This fluid will flush them from their den without any type of physical interaction. Then all that is needed is to seal up the entrance.

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Bats love to get into your attic or chimney. They find chinks in the mortar and crawl right in. Some people see them as a benefit, for insect control and quano for fertilizer. Others are frightened of disease and their scary reputations.

The latest technique for getting rid of bats is known as ‘exclusion’. This is where you cover their exit holes with what they call a ‘bat valve’, which is a flap that opens outward, allowing the bat to leave, but will not open inward, keeping them locked out. This works really well as long as you are sure to locate and cover all the possible entrance holes and exit holes.

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